Hello 2018!

The life cycle of a new year has begun. Everyone is kicking off with goals and ready for new growth – both in our personal lives and in our careers. There is a lot to accomplish & there are many…

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I’m dreaming of a Kitsch Christmas.

Kitsch is the German word for trash (how dare they)?!  In English it’s used to describe particularly “cheap”, “vulgar” and “sentimental” forms of popular and commercial culture art. There’s a lot of kitsch out there around you in the world…

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things is taking over my life! I’m a huge fan and it seems I’m not alone. Check out some of the awesome artwork fans have created based on the show - it’s pretty spectacular!

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Surf Culture at the North Shore

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a little time in Hawaii and had my first chance to visit the North Shore. I spent a day on the beach of one of the most iconic surfing spots in the…

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Star Wars Packaging Design Collection

Move over Christmas and make way for Star Wars! Christmas, you might want to adjust your expectations this year. I realize you’re usually the star at the end of December, but this year things are going to look a little…

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Absolut Electrik

This holiday season Absolut Vodka has taken a departure from their well-known “highly decorative” art direction and have released minimalist, single color blue and silver bottles that sparkle like Christmas tree lights. Absolut Electrik is a global limited edition Absolut…

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