Do you like your job? May be, but there are many people who are tired of being scolded by their…

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Benefits to Create a Company Logo in Los Angeles

A logo is a symbol designed for market enhancement strategy. There are innumerable companies that indulge in the task of…

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PURE :: Chocolate for Lovers

When you’re in love you like to share everything with your other half. And, if you’re lucky your love might…

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MUSQ Natural Cosmetics

Black Squid Design worked with MUSQ to develop their text based logo, which created the foundation for all their materials…

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Blade and Bow

Just looking at this beautiful 6 sided bottle of Bourbon you can feel the luxury of what must be inside.…

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Wilder and Hunt

Wow! This packaging design for Wilder and Hunt’s museli and frozen meals is spot on with the trends, both in…

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