You’ve secured your business permits, got your EIN number from the IRS, and you can’t wait to get the word out about your new business. You start thinking about what your business website will look like and you remember that your cousin said she built the site for her blog in an hour. You open up your laptop and — Wait.

Think this through. As tempted as you might be to go the DIY route, step away from the computer. Now. And don’t call you cousin.

Hiring a professional graphic designer for your business needs is the best decision you can make at this point. They can guide you through the maze of where to start, what things can wait, and how to eliminate do-overs, embarrassing gaffes, and ineffective design. But that’s just part of it—the six factors listed below are what separates lackluster from brilliant when it comes to your business image.

1. You Only Have One Opportunity to Make a First Impression

Given the short attention spans of today’s population, nailing that great first impression is critical. Sloppy presentation will affect how people look at your business or product. Business owners might be inclined to choose what they think is a great font front their drop-down menu in Word and throw a graphic on a page and call it done, but 99% of the people that see it will know immediately that it was done by an amateur. And do you really want the word amateur associated with your business? My guess is no. Professional graphic designers know the fundamental principles of design and will save you the embarrassment of amateurish mistakes.

2. A Great Design is Worth 1,000 Words

Great designs not only attract the eye but they tell a story. Your story. Whether you are a cutting-edge start-up that is about to revolutionize the marketplace or a family-owned bakery that makes the best biscotti in town, you have a story to tell. When you hire a professional graphic designer, one of the first things they will do is get to know you and your business so they can create the look and feel that sets you apart from the crowd. And if you don’t think setting yourself apart matters, think about wine labels. In a recent survey, a whopping 82% of survey respondents admitted that they made their wine selections based on the appearance of the labels.



3. Branding Separates ‘Memorable’ from ‘Meh’

I think it’s safe to say that most Americans could describe the Golden Arches from memory, which is why they have remained part of the McDonald’s logo for over 50 years. Whether you see them in White Bluff, Tennessee or in Hanoi, Vietnam, you recognize that big yellow ‘M’ and know what can be found there. That’s why consistency is key to your brand strategy and a professional graphic designer will make sure you start off on the right path. Identifying your primary branding colors, typefaces, and logo positioning is one of the most important things to establish and remain consistent about. With all the pressures small business owners face, have an identity crisis should not be one of them.

4. Stand Out from the Competition

Branding is all around us—on our phones, televisions, billboards, magazines, and even city benches. So-so branding will get your business passed by quicker than a penny on the ground. Adding intrigue, pop, or a unique element to your logo and branding will set your business apart, and that is a huge advantage whether you have a product on a shelf, a booth at an expo, or an ad in a magazine. Professional graphic designers stay on top of trends and they know the difference between overused and uniquely you.

5. Perfect Placement Means Action

Looking good is one thing, but getting conversions as a result is the whole bowl of cherries. Knowing that potential customers take action when they visit your website or view your marketing materials is worth every cent you spend on making that happen. Great designers know the most effective placement of a call to action, the most enticing ways to persuade people to buy products, and the most powerful ways to elicit measurable results.

6. The Big Payback

Small business owners often don’t budget enough for professional design and marketing, so there is a tendency to go with the cheapest option and call it done. The reason this is so wrong is that it ends up costing them exponentially more in the end. By hiring a professional graphic designer, you save time and money in the long run because you will have correct file types, correct dimensions, and the expertise behind them that ensures the work is compatible with print, web, or mobile settings.

Graphic design is a skill that requires tools, training, and countless hours to master. The best tools in the business don’t come cheap, but they yield the best results and professional designers have them all at their fingertips.

Don’t make the mistake of putting your company’s image in the hands of a rookie. Doing so could keep you on the bench for the entire game. You need a trusted partner to make sure your branding and design are working for you. JENCO CREATIVE is here to help.

Providing one-on-one service, you’ll have a dedicated team for everything — think of us as your outsourced design team. We’re always committed to being there for you. Anytime you need us, just give us a call. With us, you’ll get the professional graphic design you deserve.


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