Kitsch is the German word for trash (how dare they)?!  In English it’s used to describe particularly “cheap”, “vulgar” and “sentimental” forms of popular and commercial culture art. There’s a lot of kitsch out there around you in the world once you start looking for it – and Christmas has not been exempt from some seriously brilliant kitsch.

Christmas 2017 has seen a return in the popularity of the kitsch Christmas style. Pink Christmas trees, ceramic doe eyed deers with pretty eyelashes and quirky vintage baubles. I actually saw someone flocking their live tree last week! The trend for replicating the nostalgic 1950s Christmas is hot right now.

Instead of the gold, silver, red and greens we customarily associate with the holidays – kitsch brings in a bright and unexpected color palette. Red, pink and turquoise are a wonderful mix of delightfully clashing colors that make me smile, while cringing a little at the same time.

To call something “kitschy” is generally a negative comment – as it implies that the work in question is gaudy and not a work of trust artistic merit. What?! Santa driving a turquoise convertible car to deliver presents is tacky? A kitty cat in a pink party dress holding a candy cane is gaudy? Well, to each their own. While I’m not brave enough to decorate my home with wacky and tacky – it’s still an aesthetic that gives me a great pleasure. I love how carefree and fun this style is and it’s easy to decorate with because you can do NO wrong!

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