Oh what a busy couple of months August & September have been – finally catching a breath over here! JENCO CREATIVE was busy working with ArcLight Cinemas on a Membership Campaign – and in the midst of all that, packing up for a 6 month move to London (separate blog post coming soon).

ArcLight Cinemas was coming up on a 1 year anniversary since announcing it’s new ArcLight Membership program of benefits which had been rolled out in 2013. It was a perfect time to celebrate the current members – thank them for their patronage – while also encouraging new enrollment by showing off the “perks” that Membership has.

Introducing “Our Friends with Benefits” campaign – featuring “real life” ArcLight Members sharing what they love about being Members. In Theater Displays were installed throughout all Southern California cinemas, with the art on each site customized to show the local Members from that neighborhood. The displays were set up with tablets for easy onsite Membership sign up and take away brochures outlining the perks of membership. The backside of the displays promoted the “Snap & Win” social media giveaway that accompanied the campaign.



You might ask, what was the “Snap & Win” giveaway campaign all about? It was quite simple: A chance to win 5,000 Memberhsip points (that’s the equivalent to 20 free movie tickets!) just by taking a selfie in front of the display and posting it to Twitter or Instagram. What a frenzy of photos we saw come in, with my personal favorite being a little Pomeranian puff ball (lucky Pippin wasn’t in town to upstage the pup).


Working with ArcLight Cinemas on this campaign was a real pleasure. It was an opportunity to have a little “fun” with their brand (Friends wiht Benefits!) and interact with the real life cinephiles who are ArcLight enthusiasts. If you aren’t already a member, get out there and join! You’ll want the ticket discounts and you should start working towards that free popcorn perk too!

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