Welcome to the New Year and greetings from London! It’s been 4 months of living in this wonderfully diverse city and it’s been exciting and tiring (all that public transportation & walking). In such a metropolitan city I’ve already seen visitors pass through and also made a few new friends.

I’ve set my JENCO CREATIVE office space up in a cute flat I’m renting north of the City Center in the London borough of Islington. I can take the Victoria line and zip straight into the city, but first things first – I am taking care of my clients. This isn’t just a holiday folks.

I’ve been so lucky to be staying 2 blocks away from Regent’s Canal – “a quiet and atmospheric waterway that runs by parks and the London Zoo.”* It’s pretty damn charming. Houseboats, joggers, cafes along the side, graffitti (ha!) and it’s become a part of my regular routine – the Pippin dog walk.


As we’ve been cruising along I’ve started snapping photos of the houseboat names and the different typography and layouts they’ve each been created with. Quite a diverse mixture of styles – some really charming & some a bit janky (no pictures of those posted here).




I can see myself cruising down the canal in a cute red houseboat! JENCO CREATIVE on Regent’s Canal – Pippin on the deck, a little table and chairs to eat lunch on, Macintosh work station set up inside. Maybe I’ll go set up a Pinterest board and dream about it. But for now, I’m going to keep exploring the big city and continue finding new design inspiration. Toodles!

* Direct quote from www.visitlondon.com

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